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Christmas Tree

So, here we are again, at the end of what seems to have been another generally rubbish year for most people around the world. Still, at least (hopefully) we made it through to try and assume some semblance of normality in 2022. I’m pretty sure I said the same last year.

Anyhow. We would like to wish all our family, relatives, friends, visitors and especially our Contributors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please also raise a glass to our ancestors, without whom none of us would be here today.

Somewhat depressingly, I haven’t managed to do a great deal of research or digging this year. I did manage to complete my furtle around the Closes of Guatemala in February, thanks to Guicela Close. The line traced back into London with John Close (no surprise there then) in around 1690 with another 300 or so people.

At the moment I’m (still) in the middle of the Somerset Closes, following up on the small(ish) tree for Toni Close. At the time it wasn’t clear where her branch came from, but it now appears that the Somerset Closes are actually a thing, in the same way as the Yorkshire and Gloucestershire trees. In other words, there are hundreds of the buggers dating back into the mists of the 1600s and maybe earlier. It’s anybody’s guess as to when I’ll finally finish this, so please don’t hold your breath on my account.

In the meantime, I seem to have been distracted by:

  1. A humongous tranche of house decorating, which has only just completed. I blame COVID for this because the more time you spend indoors, the more your wife realises that “stuff” apparently “needs” doing. On the upside, thanks to the generally rubbish summer we had in our local bubble, I managed to dodge most of the gardening.
  2. Another book to add to my collection of self-published nonsense. If anyone is interested in a humorous galactic romp, then you can see more here, along with my previous efforts. I blame COVID for this because the tedium of decorating allows my imagination to free-wheel, which often has unintended consequences.
  3. Our first granddaughter, Isabella, who was born in February. I blame COVID for not letting us see as much of her as we would have liked!
  4. In an attempt to retain some degree of sanity, I’ve taken to walking around the area via roads and footpaths that I didn’t even realise were there. Apparently canals still exist! Who would have guessed? The only downside to canal towpaths is that it can be several miles between bridges that put you back onto a road home. So, quite a few of my “short” walks have accidentally turned into really, really long ones! I’d obviously like to blame COVID for this, but suspect canals pre-dated the bug.

Many thanks once again to everyone who has contacted me over the past year with various things. I try to answer everyone, so keep these coming. I’m always happy to hear about your research and offer advice wherever I can, and I will get around to publishing everything that’s been sent to me. Honest.

Also, many thanks to everyone who has sent a donation towards the upkeep of the website. It’s very much appreciated.

Finally, have a great Christmas and here’s to a prosperous, productive and above all healthy 2022. Stay happy and safe.


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