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Whim: In the Beggining

They say that lurking inside everyone is a lonely book trying to get out. Well, it appears that mine has finally escaped the confines of my imagination to make its bid for freedom. Well, if it was good enough for John “Poet” Close, I figured it was good enough for me. He was probably at the vanguard of self-publishing 150 years before Amazon got around to it. But in his day he had to do all the typesetting and printing by hand rather than shuffling a few trillion electrons around and pushing a button. I’m sure he would have loved all this, so I’ve dedicated the book to him.

However, it’s a big, scary world out there and my baby may need some help and a little TLC to start it on its way. So if you have a Kindle (or an equivalent smart-phone app) and you’re sufficiently intrigued as to what does actually go on inside my head, please support the poor thing in its infancy. There is also a paperback version available for those of you who like a proper book.

Available worldwide through all local Amazon sites … at a very modest and reasonable price, of course.

Have a look here for full details.