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Phase 1 of my trawl through Greenwich, Connecticut and the descendants of John “Goodman” Close (1600).

This just fills out the tree a bit to give a basic unvalidated skeleton. Some interesting stuff has already surfaced from some of the books around at the time. Wherever possible these are referenced with images. It’s a little raggy in places, so bear with it. This release has smashed the 10,000 name barrier, and will probably add a whole load more. I’ve published this now, for starters because it’s at a convenient point, and secondly because I needed to clear the decks of various other things stuck in the publish pipeline.

Phase 2 will add more detail, validate what is already there, and hopefully resolve all the dangling threads that are hanging around at the moment – JGC didn’t really have 20 brothers and sisters! These are just dawdling around waiting for a place to live.

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