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A website respectfully and humbly dedicated to the memories of the men and women from the Craven district who gave their lives for king and country in the First World War, 1914-1919.

The aim of the project, briefly, is to take Craven’s Part in the Great War as its starting point and core source of information. Each entry in the book is then to be expanded with additional information gathered from Soldiers Died in the Great War, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and with further material from the pages of the Craven Herald & Wensleydale Standard, the West Yorkshire Pioneer & East Lancashire News (the two newspapers which covered the Skipton Parliamentary Division, and which eventually merged to become the Craven Herald & Pioneer), and other sources as deemed relevant. It is also intended to correlate the names in the original book with the names commemorated on War Memorials in the ‘Craven’ area.

Craven’s Part in the Great War

Cecil Oversby SAYER on the CPGW site

Copy taken from the CPGW web site (www.cpgw.org.uk), all copyrights acknowledged

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