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Dedication to John Close (1796)

Dedication to John Close (1796)

A dedication on the east window of The Church of St Andrew at Grinton, Yorkshire.

It was dedicated to John Close ‎(1796)‎, Barbara Close ‎(1820)‎ and their son John Close ‎(1849)‎ by Susanna their daughter.

The inscription reads:

In honour of Christ crucified, and in memory of John Close of Low Whita, who died Oct. 7th 1872 aged 76 years; and Barbara Close widow of the same who died at Leeds April 14th 1894 aged 74 years; and John Close, their son, who died at Leeds Nov 6th 1879 aged 30 years; Susanna their daughter dedicates this window.

The church yard has a number of graves of the people mentioned here.

Church of St Andrew - Grinton - East Window

The entire East window. The dedication is in the bottom left-hand panel.


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