Site Rebuild – April 2022

So, every 10 years or so, after ignoring all the warning signs ... something breaks. For technical reasons, which I won't bore you with, the previous incarnation of the Close Ancestry website finally and suddenly expired in a heap of…

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Site Rebuild – 17 September 2011

It's quite a while since we gave the site a make-over, so here it is! Gone is all the dust, spiders, and miscellaneous junk that accumulates in the dark corners ... the equivalent of the attic. You know the type…

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Site Update – 25 July 2009

A complete site rebuild ... again. Dozens of new features in our Trees section, together with a couple of hundred new Closes in a couple of new unattached trees. We've also added a new set of Galleries for Dedications, Gravestones…

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Welcome to

OK, we're up and running ... maybe a bit ragged in places, but we take the view that it's better to have something rather than nothing.  

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