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The final piece in the puzzle … a complete rework of the site Message Boards … which hadn’t been updated for years. We now have a version which is at least being developed and updated at regular intervals, although still a separate bolt-on.

Hopefully we haven’t lost anything in the translation. Your account details should still be the same, and everything else is pretty much as it was before apart from the new look-and-feel. Any problems drop a mail to andy@closeancestry.com.

I’ve moved the boards onto a more user-friendly path, which will also make them easier to maintain in future. Unfortunately (this time around), if you had the old address bookmarked the bookmark will be broken so please refresh them with the new address.

Please help us to keep the site free. We don’t make any money out of this, but our costs keep rising … yeah, OK, so the several thousand images are self-inflicted, but remember it’s you who are getting the benefits.

Site Rebuild