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Another monster update, this time originating in Ireland, with at least 754 new people split across 3 trees.

The main tree, starting with Richard Close in the early 1600’s actually originates in Yorkshire, but all his descendents are in Ireland … well, for a while. He became a landowner as a result of the Civil War and stayed there, spawning an entire dynasty, including our first Baronet, Colonel Sir Barry Close. The family, mentioned countless times in various of Burkes volumes, seems to have alternated between Holy Orders and Mercenaries with the East India Company. Fascinating reading. If you find yourselves related then PLEASE do drop us a mail.

The other two trees (John Close and Thomas Close) are ones that have been sat around for a while waiting to be looked at. They are currently unvalidated, but span several hundred people across the globe, mainly to Canada and America, with the occasional foray into Australia. Make of them what you will. We’ll get around to a full validation in due course, but they were too good to miss with the Irish connection.

754 new people!