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How do I donate to the cause?
Some things seem to be flagged as 'private'. Why is this?
How do I get copies of images?
Can I export things from here and download them for my own family tree software?
What do TreeTops mean?

How do I donate to the cause?

Help Us To Keep The Site Free

Please help us. This is a free site which now contains the details thousands of people, and thousands of images.


Putting aside the number of hours work involved in producing it, it costs money to pay for the web hosting and keep the site on-line. If you have found the information here useful then please help us out by donating a few pounds towards the upkeep. Anything you can spare will go towards keeping the site free to use, we do not do this to make money.


Just flip to our main home page and select the Donate button. Donations can be made by Debit card, Credit card, or PayPal. Anything you can spare will be gratefully received.


Help us to keep the site free to use

Some things seem to be flagged as 'private'. Why is this?

It's basically to protect living individuals from the disclosure of information that may be invasive, insensitive, or which could be used for some nefarious purpose.

In general we don't make public any personal information, such as dates of birth or addresses, where it could be used for identity theft for instance. This will normally apply to any living individual. Nor do we as a rule publish photographs of living people, unless they have agreed to it.


How do I get copies of images?

Alongside the image, normally to the right-hand side, you'll see a caption for it such as "1841 Census". Click the caption and you'll be taken to a detail page for that image.

On the left-hand side of the page you should see a "Download File" link. Click this and the full-sized image will download into a new browser window.

Click the right-hand mouse button on the image, and select the "Save image as" option. A pop-up box will appear for you to locate the folder to put it in on your computer.

Navigate to the place you want to save it to, and ... save it. You can then close the browser window with the image.

You may also want to consider the Clippings Cart.


Can I export things from here and download them for my own family tree software?


The Clippings Cart does exactly that.

The Clippings Cart allows you to take extracts ("clippings") from this family tree and bundle them up into a single file for downloading and subsequent importing into your own genealogy program. The downloadable file is recorded in GEDCOM format.


How to take clippings?

This is really simple. Whenever you see a clickable name (individual, family, or source) you can go to the Details page of that name. There you will see the Add to Clippings Cart option. When you click that link you will be offered several options to download.


How to download?

Once you have items in your cart, you can download them just by clicking the Download Now link. Follow the instructions and links.


A word of warning

Watch out for ancestors and media files. If you've selected a lot of people you could be faced with a lengthy and sizeable download.


What do TreeTops mean?

As a result, initially of the Grinton Registers but we seem be adding more and more, we now have dozens of Unattached twigs which don't really fit anywhere, but may be interesting to somebody. So, all the Unattached trees and twigs have a "pretend" person that represents the top of that tree. Where you see the surname TreeTop ... it's the top of an independent tree. All the trees are linked together under a single root which branches off into our "main" Close family tree, and a whole load of other "unattached" trees organised by location.

Each TreeTop is a place-holder for the branch hanging off it. The TreeTop itself isn't actually a real person, but will have a real person hanging off it as a Son or Daughter. If you pick one of these "unattached" monkeys you'll get a list of "brothers" and / or "sisters", which are basically all the other "unattached" branches.

What you really want in this case are the Sons and Daughters, which are the actual people in the Treetop branch you've selected. These turn up at the bottom of the siblings lists. So, make sure you go down to the bottom for the children, which is where the interesting stuff is... probably


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