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Note: Everything hangs off here.

Note: Contributors to the cause.

Note: The Counties
ContributionContributor: Alison Schreiber
Everything hangs off here.
Contributors to the cause. Everyone here has provided information, clarifications, or photographs. Many thanks to all of you.
The Counties If you're confused about Westmorland, Cumberland and Yorkshire then you're not alone. Everything was fine until 1974. Since 1974 Westmorland has been incorporated into the present-day county of Cumbria together with Cumberland, the Furness part of Lancashire and a small part of the former West Riding of Yorkshire around Sedbergh. So Westmorland is no more ... however, it does live on in Appleby-in-Westmorland ... which of course is now in Cumbria ... not to be confused with Cumberland. ... and just to add further confusion ... what is now the county of Durham used to be in Yorkshire! Wherever possible the Birth, Marriage, Census and Death counties are taken from the original records. However, many places appear in several counties, so on occasions there may be oddities.

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