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Almina Close1839

Almina Close
Birth about 1839 43 43
Birth of a sisterMary Ann Close
about 1843 (Age 4)
Marriage of a siblingJohn S AllenAlmira CloseView family
about 1843 (Age 4)
Marriage of a siblingJames Titus CloseAnn Eliza ShermanView family
1 April 1851 (Age 12)
Marriage of a siblingDarius E LyonMary Ann CloseView family
12 October 1858 (Age 19)
Death of a fatherSlawter Close
9 November 1859 (Age 20)
Marriage of a siblingCharles Backus DanaElvira Rosbell CloseView family
about July 1860 (Age 21)
Death of a brotherJames Titus Close
30 August 1869 (Age 30)
Marriage of a siblingOtto LeissringAlmira CloseView family
21 July 1873 (Age 34)
Marriage of a siblingLewis Gile CloseAlice Howard FosterView family
6 June 1875 (Age 36)
MarriageUnknown EmighView family
after 1879 (Age 40)
Note: Estimate
Death of a sisterElvira Rosbell Close
17 February 1886 (Age 47)
Death of a sisterAlmira Close
5 January 1895 (Age 56)
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: after 1816America
9 years
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
7 years
elder brother
4 years
5 years
younger sister
Family with Unknown Emigh - View family
Marriage: after 1879America

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