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Myra Agnes CloseAge: 6618781944

Myra Agnes Close
Census 1880 US Fed
Living with parents and family at Washington, District of Columbia.
Census 1880 US Fed1880 US Federal Census1880 US Federal Census
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Family with parents - View family
Marriage: 6 June 1875Washington, District of Columbia, America
1 year
elder brother
Lewis Gile Close
Birth: 9 June 1876 39 21Washington, District of Columbia, America
Death: 6 May 1879Washington, District of Columbia, America
20 months
20 months
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
17 months
younger brother
Family with William Meade Fairall - View family
Marriage: 10 June 1899Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland, America
-8 years
2 years

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