May 132014


Each year the amount of disk space we use increases and as part of my drive to infuse a few coffers into the black hole of the web hosting I’ve decided to go down a new path.

We wanted things that people can’t generally get hold of but which will add interest to their hobby. Rather than actually trying to sell stuff that nobody really wants, we now have a simple system of donations.

During the years that the site has been running we’ve been picking up all sorts of documents from various places. These tend to be copies of originals such as Parish Records, Almanacs and a miscellaneous selection of historical books. They’ve all been sat in our “library” gathering virtual, digital dust, but it occurred to us that they may be useful to other people who are conducting their own research. Some of them are freely available on the Internet, if you can find them. Some are Google ebooks that we’ve come across, whereas others have been acquired by different means and may not be so readily available. When you consider just how old some of these are it’s amazing that we have access to them today.

The important thing is that they are all out of copyright and so are generally distributable. However, what we need to make clear is that we are NOT selling them.

Instead, we’re simply asking for a donation as a token of your eternal gratitude for the time and effort it took us to find all the information on the site and make it available to you. In return for your generosity we will give you a free copy of whichever document you select at the time the donation is made. Clearly you may make any number of donations and for each one may select your free copy of a different document; the choice is yours.

What you see at the moment is but a small part of my accumulations; I have hundreds of documents stashed away but they take time to put online. So, the library will build over time and if you don’t see anything you want then keep visiting because it just be sat in my pile of dusty archives.

This is a new process so it may be a bit clunky until I get the hang of it but please help us to keep the site free to use. Just take the Donation Library menu option for a full explanation, or cut to the chase with one of the sub-menus.

Finally, I’d just like to thank everyone who continues to donate to the site. Although it may not be obvious, every penny that comes in is spent on keeping it going. Hopefully everyone benefits. Any questions, please drop me a mail.


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