Jun 092013

Buried within the 1968 Ermysteds’ Grammar School class photograph below we have one John Andrew Close (1956). All you have to do is identify which one of the misfits is him.

Simply pick the number pointing to the person on the photograph, and “order” that number through the Donation Library – first come, first served. To make life easier (for me), if we have two people choosing the same person then the first order in my in-box will get it, and the second will get the nearest available number to that one (higher or lower). The competition will close when all 29 numbers have been selected / allocated.

On offer is a goody bag of … well, stuff … books, T-shirts, whatever I can find to make your life a brighter place.

Because this is purely an attempt to raise funds for the site, each order will cost £5. No restrictions on how many guesses you can have, other than for people who actually know me personally, and who would have an unfair advantage … although what you see in the photograph is not exactly what you see today, so even they may struggle!

So, have a look (click the image for a bigger picture), go to the Donation Library, and have a go.

Competition - Spot the Miscreant!


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